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About Us

About DirecScope

DirecScope is a young and ambitions company specializing in Export Strategy consulting, Market Research and Business Communication.

We help companies from India explore new markets for their products and services, find partners in Europe, Russia and CIS countries, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Having a team of professional market researchers and analysts, business development managers, finance consultants and accountants, logistic experts and brokers and lawyers, DirecScope is able to serve various need of our clients in India and abroad. From marketing research to placing products on the shelved in a new market or country – we make our clients’ export development strategies work smoothly and efficiently.

Based in India’s busiest business hub, Mumbai, DirecScope is an exclusive partner of Direct Business Communication Agency headquartered in St-Petersburg, Russia.Direct Business Communication Agency WAs founded in 2009. Since 2011, it has joined hands with Latvia-based SIAExportea.

Together, out joint international partner network covers the following countries: India, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine.

Our vast partner network combined with years of market research and export assistance experience, our practical understanding of mental, cultural and business ethics differences between Asian, Russian, European executives, our expertise in “government relations” as well as our knowledge of regulatory features in various markets and countries makes us an easy and reliable partner to deal with.

Market Research & Strategy Development
Pricing Research and Pricing Optimisation
Sales/Market Process Outsourcing
Partner/Distributor Relations
Web Analytics & Social Media Intelligence

What They Say

Our Team

Ksenia Kondratieva
Business Consultant

No situation is so bad that overreacting and doing something stupid cannot make it worse.

Brian Varghese
Chief Analyst

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.

Straford George
General Partner

There is no limit to what you can accomplish when nobody cares who gets the credit.